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The TG series PTO is the Muncie powerhouse. The TG6 and TG8 design works with a variety of transmission applications. The Muncie TG6 and TG8 are the most widely used PTOs in the World. It The most versatile double gear PTO available with 10 ratios, 16 shift types, 18 output shaft options and input gears for all popular transmissions.
The options for the TG Series PTOs are almost limitless.

The Muncie TG6 and TG8 Series PTOs have the speed and torque range of several PTOs in one housing. PTOs that can cover 33 to 54 HP @ 1000 RPM and torque from 175 to 285 lb. ft. Accommodating most transmissions is possible with more than 50 available input gears. There are output shaft options to allow direct coupling of all popular hydraulic pumps. Options include cable, lever, air, electric/air, Lectra-shift, hydraulic, and constant mesh and available in ten different speed ratios. The TG6 and TG8 offer more than 100,000 different combinations.

The Muncie TG Series PTO can be configured to meet the speed, torque, and horsepower requirements of most applications.

A reduced overall size means fewer frame interference problems and easier installation. The aluminum housing reduces weight and provides for better sound diffusion. 
The TG Lectra Shift is the first PTO where the user flips an electrical switch to engage the PTO without hydraulic or air. The Muncie TG Lectra Shift gives you the feel of an air shift PTO without the air line hook up. This means no more shifting problems due to contaminated or frozen air lines. Available on all TG Series arrangements.

To add to its versatility the PTO can be shifted by the Lectra Shift Electric Solenoid, cable controls, levers, air, and, using the air cover by electric/air or on some applications by electric/hydraulic.
Console shifting packages are also available.

Weight: 22 lbs.
Construction: Aluminum.
10 Speed Ratios.
17 Gear Pitches Offered.
Maximum Torque intermittent: 285 lb. ft.
16 Output Shaft Options.
Rotatable Pump Mount Flange: Standard.
4 Assembly Arrangements.
Uses include:
Carpet cleaning trucks.
Pump trucks, Septic trucks, Dump trucks, Dump trailers, Trash trucks, Vacuum trucks, Utility vehicles, Ejector trailers, Liquid transportation trucks, Truck mounted cranes, Recovery vehicles, Live floor trailers, Auto transporters, Tanker trucks, Man Lift trucks and Aerial work trucks.

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