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Get the maximum PTO output from your Allison transmission by using the Muncie CS-41 series.
The CS 41 is rated from 490 to 600 lb. ft. This PTO is designed for intermittent torque applications up to 600 Ft-Lbs and built in a compact housing for most applications.

Gears are manufactured for maximum load and quiet operation. The CS 41 is available in direct mount hydraulic or remote driveshaft outputs.

When you need as much power as possible from an Allison 3000 or 4000 and Caterpillar CX transmission, the CS41 PTO delivers. The CS41 is designed to handle the extreme, heavy duty requirements of today's equipment, including digger derricks, refuse packers and fire trucks.

Weight: 70 lbs.
Housing Construction: Iron.
Speed Ratios: 3.
Maximum Torque: 600 lb. ft.
Output Shaft Options: 3.
Rotatable Pump Mount Flange: Standard.
Arrangements: 2.

The Muncie CS-41 provides an additional 100 lb. ft. of torque capacity in a smaller housing than the CS-10.


Precision ground gears.
High torque capacity.
Quiet operation and durability.
Extra large bearings and components.
1410 series remote mount output shaft for remote pump drives.
S.A.E. "C" and DIN 5462 direct mount options.
Fits most popular pumps requiring high power input.
Rotatable direct mount flanges allows pump to be positioned for max clearance.
Two assembly arrangements allow the PTO to be mounted with the shaft high or low on either side of the transmission.

Made with the widest gears in the industry, finish ground for maximum strength, noise reduction, durability and is available in 3 speed ratios.
Output shaft options are available for the 1410 Series driveline and hydraulic pumps with SAE "C", SAE "B" 2 and 4 bolt with SAE "C" shaft or DIN 5462 connections.
An internal clutch pack delivers smooth, positive engagement. Pressure lube is pre-plumbed. Remote solenoid activation is standard and allows clearance from obstructions.
Two housing configurations provide output shaft locations of high or low for either side of the transmission. This makes installation easy for today's confined spaces.

Applications Include:
Fire Equipment.
Construction Equipment.
Refuse Equipment.
Trash Trucks.

The CS 41 Series Power Take-Off is a heavy duty, clutch shift PTO designed for the Allison World® and Caterpillar automatic transmissions models. The CS-41 Series PTO is engaged by a solenoid activated wet clutch pack with a remote mounted solenoid for compact installations.

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