Muncie SSH2 and SSV2 Series PTO.
SSH2 - SSV2 Series Parts.

SSH2 and SSV2 Split Shaft Power Take Offs are very strong ultra heavy duty PTOs for use when drive and power requirements exceed the capacity of regular transmission mounted PTOs or when additional Power outputs are needed.

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Split shaft for PTOs use the vehicle driveshaft as input and provide multiple outputs for various types of equipment. Split Shaft PTOs are typically used for stationary applications to power a specific piece of equipment. When the PTO is engaged, the main drive shaft is disconnected from the rear axle and maximum power is available.
The SSH2 and SSV2 are also used for applications needing multiple outputs when the main PTO is already in use.

When Your Auxiliary Power Requirements Exceed Your Transmission PTO Options.
A Muncie Heavy Duty Split Shaft PTO, SSV2 or SSH2 can help with.
1410 or 1500 series flange outputs.
1550, 1600, 1700 and 1800 series main flanges.
SAE "B", "B-B", "C", "C-C" and "D" hydraulic mounts.
Stationary or mobile applications.
Quiet precision ground gearing.

Weight: 234 lbs SSH2 and 255 lbs SSV2.
Maximum Torque thru-shaft: Up to 21,600 lb. ft.
Maximum PTO output torque: Up to 940 lb. ft.
PTO Outputs 2-Front and 2-Rear.
SAE "B" to "SAE "D" pump mounts.
Spicer 1410 to 1500 companion flanges.
Uses include:
Fire pumps.
Concrete pumps.
Air compressors.
Hydraulic hybrid drives.
Multiple pump drives.
Oil field winch drives.

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SSH2 & SSV2 Split Shaft Power Take Off
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SSH2 & SSV2 Split Shaft Power Take-Offs
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