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The Muncie SS66 Series Split Shaft PTOs are used to provide two 6-bolt inline, drive shaft driven PTOs when no mounts exist on the main transmission or where space limitations restrict access to the second transmission opening. Split shaft PTOs use the main driveshaft as their input and provide multiple outputs for all types of equipment. When engaged, the main drive shaft is disconnected from the rear axle. The Muncie SS66 Split Shaft PTO is typically used on chassis ranging up to Class 5 but can be configured in many ways.

The SS66 PTO drive gear has a maximum rated torque of 289 Ft-Lbs. PTO input gear loads must not exceed this value regardless of the number of PTOs used. PTO applications are limited to intermittent application only.

The Muncie split-shaft unit should be located between the transmission and the rear axle, as near as possible to the transmission output flange. If possible locate the split-shaft unit in place of the midship bearing. Elastic suspension elements are recommended and are to be fitted between the split-shaft and the truck chassis.

The SS66 is also used behind a single PTO to offer multiple PTO options
(2) 6-bolt PTO openings can accept various common PTO series such as the TG or CS6
Engagement can be via air-shift or heavy duty push or pull cable.

Weight: 20 lbs.
Maximum Torque: 2900 lb. ft.
Maximum PTO Torque: Varies.
Output Shaft Options: Varies with PTOs.
Through Shaft Flanges: Spicer 1410, 1500/1510 Series.
Tanker trucks.
Carpet cleaners.
Vac trucks.

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