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The Muncie SH6 and SH8 Series PTO provides more power in a compact package. The SH is the perfect PTO for tough applications with limited space and high torque jobs.

The SH has 5 internal gear ratios with torque capabilities from 325 lb. ft. to 400 lb. ft.
Features include oversized piston and high contact gear design which provides longer life on tough applications. Air shift or electric/air activation and standard 1 1/4" round output shaft and other SAE options.

The Muncie SH Series PTO is an air shift only power take off designed for high torque applications such as:
Septic pumps.
Dry bulk trucks.
Vacuum pumps.
Bulk feed mixers.
Tandem pump drives.
Vacuum pump trucks.
Blower trucks.
Septic trucks.
Cable and bulk feed trucks.
High volume pump trucks.

Muncie Power Products Power Take Offs: SH Series.
Integral air shift design - No exposed air cylinder
High torque capacity - Meets demanding applications
17 input gear sets - Fits most popular transmissions
6 or 8-bolt cast iron housing - Easy to mount, high strength        
5 speed ratios         - Versatility
12 output shaft options - Fits most popular pump types

Weight: 35 lbs.
Construction: Cast Iron.
17 Input Gear Sets.
5 Speed Ratios.
Maximum Torque: 400 lb. ft.
12 Output Shaft Options.
Shift Option: Air.
Standard Rotatable Pump Mount Flange.
2 Assembly Arrangements.

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