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SG SERIES (Single Gear) PTO
Muncie's single gear PTO covers a wide variety of light and medium duty applications. Strong enough for tow trucks, fuel trucks, dump trucks, utility trucks and aerial lifts up to 25 HP at 1000 RPM, torque to 130 lb. ft. speeds to 2500 RPM.   Improved gear design, quiet operation with no chattering.          
A lightweight aluminum housing, reduced size and simplified installation.  Stronger roller bearings stand up to greater loads. Cable or lever shift with all mounting parts including an in-dash positive indicator light.

The SG Series, single speed, single gear PTO has the simplest design and fewest component parts. The SG is ideally suited for light to medium duty applications. The output shaft of a single gear PTO is close to the transmission so direct mount pump flanges are not available.

KEY FEATURE                    BENEFIT
Aluminum housing            Light weight, quiet
Compact housing              Easy installation
Simple design                  Inexpensive, easy to service

Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Housing: Aluminum
1 Speed Ratios.
21 Gear Pitches Offered.
Shift Type: Cable.
Maximum Torque 130 lb. ft.
Output Shaft Options: 7/8" Round.
2 Assembly Arrangements.

* Dump trucks
* Hoists
* Wreckers
* Tilt-back

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