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Muncie's reversible SAE 6 bolt PTOs are designed for heavy duty operation to drive winches and reversible products pumps. Available with one speed forward and one speed reverse or two speeds forward and one speed reverse. Torque ratings 140 to 210 lb. ft.

Muncie 8 bolt reversibles are designed for oil rigs, refueling pumps, cranes and have a torque rating to 500 lb. ft., with a horsepower rating to 95 HP.

Reversible PTOs are experiencing decreasing popularity. One remaining benefit to reversible models is that they can be used in applications where a rotation opposite that provided by the standard multiple gear PTO is required. Care must be taken, however, not to exceed the PTO's torque capacity which in reverse is often similar to that of a single gear PTO.

The Muncie RG, RL and 83 Series PTOs all offer one speed forward and one speed reverse. These PTOs can be used to reverse the rotation of the standard PTO output to match any driven equipment needs. The RG and RL are both 6 bolt models and the 83 is an 8 bolt high torque model. Use of a lever shift is standard on these PTOs but there are air shift options available for the RG and RL Series. The RL model is also available with an extra low output ratio.

Weight: 22 lbs for the RG.
25 lbs for the RL.
115 lbs for the 83.
Housing: Aluminum RG and RL.
Cast iron for the 83.
Maximum Torque: 140 lb. ft. RG.
200 lb. ft. RL.
500 lb. ft. 83.
Uses Include:
Liquid transfer pumps
Mechanical winches

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