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Muncie Power Products, Inc. offers PTO Shaft Extensions for Allison 3000 and 4000 Series Transmissions. This innovative product provides the means to direct mount large hydraulic pumps using one of Muncie's popular PTOs.

EXTENDED SHAFT INSTALLATION: For use of CD10, CS10, CS20 and CS41 Series Muncie PTOs with Allison 3000 and 4000 Series World Transmissions.
Muncie's Extended Shaft is designed for Allison Automatic transmissions
3000 or 4000 series only. Kits are available for the 3000 Right-side and Leftside
openings and for the 4000 Left-side only.
Exceptions: The extended shaft is not currently available for retarder version transmissions or units with rear-mounted transmission oil coolers.
Not currently available for the 7-speed HD4070 transmission.

Important: Transmissions must have rear support installed as supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. You must know what PTO model and Extended Shaft model you have. Open the carton of each and examine the contents and locate the supplemental
instruction sheet for important installation instructions.

These Muncie PTO Shaft Extensions are an exclusive, patented Muncie product that allows for direct coupling of large displacement pumps on Allison World automatic transmissions. Where envelope space around the PTO aperture is limited, the PTO Shaft Extension moves the pump-mounting flange to the back of the transmission for easy installation. Models are available for both Clutch Shift and Constant Drive Muncie PTOs.

Weight: 42 lbs.
Maximum Pump Weight: 111 lbs.
Maximum Torque intermittent: 500 lb. ft.
Output Shaft Options: S.A.E. "B", S.A.E. "BB", S.A.E. "C" and DIN 5462.
Rotatable Pump Mount Flange.
Uses Include:
Trash equipment.
Utility equipment.
Dump bodies.
Ice and snow vehicles.

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