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There are 31 different geared adapter assemblies available to make your PTO fit your application or to allow standard PTOs to be used on foreign transmissions.
Assemblies which change the direction of rotation, move the output shaft to avoid obstructions or reach non-standard drive gears.

Muncie Gear adapters mount between the transmission and Power Take-Off. Muncie geared adapters are used most often to change the direction of rotation of the PTO output shaft. They can also be used to space the PTO out and away from the transmission case for clearance and heat concerns. On some imported or non-SAE standard transmissions they allow for the mounting of standard 6 bolt Power Take-Offs. Gear Adapters are available to fit most popular transmissions and come in a wide verity of configurations.

Standard adapters will move the PTO outward from the transmission approximately three inches. Caution: Adapters often reduce horsepower ratings and service life.

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