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Muncie's crankshaft drive GB Series Gearboxes give you a wide variety of front drive options. More speed ratios, shift options including the Lectra-Shift, and Forward and Reverse options are available. The GB Series is lighter, quieter and is available with more options.

Aluminum housing.
Light weight and quiet.
Available in many speed ratios.
Available in five shift types.
Clutch Shift type, Shift on the move.        
Variety of direct mount options.

Weight: 45 lbs. (GB10)
72 lbs. (GB60)
Speed Ratios: 4 (GB10)
Speed Ratios: 1 (GB30)
Speed Ratios: 1 (GB40)
Speed Ratios: 1 (GB60)
Maximum Torque: 220 lb. ft.
12 Output Shaft Options,
Rotatable Pump Mount Flange: Standard.
3 Assembly Arrangements.
The GB Series front mount gearbox offers a variety of options for crankshaft driven power take-offs. Available in a wide range of speed ratios, shift options and pump mountings. The GB Series is versatile for front drive applications.
The top half of these gearboxes consists of a modified Muncie SG Series single gear PTO and mounting plate. The bottom unit can be a TG / GB10, CS / GB60 or reversible PTO / GB30 or GB40 depending on requirements.

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