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Muncie Power Products auxiliary power for the Ford Super Duty. If the Torqshift automatic is your choice, only the FR series PTO can provide up to 190 Ft-Lbs of output torque.

Muncie's New FA-62 and FA-64 Series PTOs include the features needed to power your accessories in gas or diesel, 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive models.

Some of the features of the FA Series are:
Electrically actuated internal wet disc clutch.
Maximum Torque Rating of 170 lb.ft. Intermittent 120 lb. ft. continuous.
Output shaft speed of 134% of engine RPM.
Direct mount pump adaptation is standard.
Numerous direct mount hydraulic pumps providing flows from 2.6 to 30 GPM.
Optional 1-1/4" keyed output shaft for remote mounted accessories. 4x2 only.

The FR and FA Series power take offs designed with
Ford Motor Company's engineers to fit the TorqShift and automatic transmissions.

Two models of each series are available.
The FR63 and FA62 for two wheel drive.
The FR67 and FA64 for four wheel drive.
The FR63, FR67 and FA62 are available for remote and direct mount pumps.
The FA64 is available as a shaft front direct mount pump model only.
All models are wet clutch power take offs.

High Capacity Bearings
Robust Wet Clutch Pack
Weight Saving Aluminum Housing
Output Speed of 126% of engine speed
Remote Driveline Output for 4x2 application
1-1/4" round
High Torque Output Rating up to 190 Ft. Lbs.
Direct Pump Mounts for SAE "A" 5/8" / 9T, SAE 3/4" / 11T.
Wiring Harness Connects with Ford's Electronic System for Throttle Control.
PTO version for 4x4
Pump flows to 17 GPM @ 1200 RPM

The Ford TorqShift automatic transmission truck application is available with a PTO opening on the drivers Side.

The Muncie FR Series PTO is exclusively designed for the TorqShift automatic to provide maximum PTO output.
Available in several output configurations for the 4x2 and 4x4 vehicles, F250, F350, F450 thru F550.

Ford has changed the transmission providing higher power output.

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