The CS6 and CS8 series are Clutch Shift PTO's designed to work well on Allison 1000 & 2000 series automatic transmissions and many manual transmissions.

You can provide power shifted PTO power for Automatic and standard transmissions with Muncie's CS6 & CS8 PTO models.

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Weight: 47 lbs.
Housing Construction: Ductile Iron
Speed Ratios: 7
Maximum Torque (intermittent): 350 lb. ft.
Output Shaft Options: 12
Rotatable Pump Mount Flange: Standard
Drag Brake: Standard
Assembly Arrangements: 4

Muncie PTO Clutch Shift CS6 and CS8 Series PTOs
Used on:

Trash Trucks.
Oil and Lube Trucks.
Aerial Work Trucks.
Ice and Snow Plows.

23 transmission input gears.
Fits most popular automatic and manual transmissions. Three remote mount output shafts in keyed and flange types. Versatility for remote pump drives.

S.A.E. "A", "B", and "BB"; DIN 5462 direct mount pump options. Fits most popular pumps.

Rotatable direct mount flanges allows pump to be positioned for maximum clearance.

Patented drag brake.
Prevents shaft rotation in "OFF" mode.
Optional pulse generator.
Lets System Protection Device monitor PTO shaft speed.

The internal wet clutch permits easy engagement and disengagement without the need to stop the PTO drive gear. This prevents gear clash and reduces new operator training time.
The CS6 and CS8 PTOs are designed to fit automatic transmissions like the Allison 1000 or 2000 Series or Aisin and older Allison AT, MT, and HT Series, JATCO, and the Fuller CEE MAT.
Using 23 input gear designs and seven internal speed ratios, the CS6 and CS8 Series PTO also meets requirements for many popular Fuller, Mack and Spicer manual transmission models.
The CS8 provides convenient mounting on 8-bolt openings without special adapters. As an option, the CS Series can be changed to the CB Series which changes the drag brake to a clutch-actuated brake. This brake ensures that the output shaft is automatically stopped and does not require any adjustments. Perfect for low-torque LP Gas or delivery pump applications.
The CS Series is available with standard 1-1/4 Rd. output shaft, or with several direct mount hydraulic flange and shaft options, all with the convenience of rotatable flanges that can be easily repositioned to gain pump clearance or to access hydraulic ports.
The new Integral Shift Solenoid for CS6 Series Power Take-Off  provides overall product savings by minimizing the number of components required. The internal solenoid valve eliminates the need to mount external hardware and route additional hoses.
Also available is a gear reduction box which reduces the output shaft speed by 1/2 making it an ideal option for low speed Pumps an other applications.

Clutch Shift PTOs used in conjunction with the SPD-1000A, System Protection Device, can greatly reduce expensive transmission and equipment repairs caused by exceeding operational limits and ensure the safety of the equipment operator and bystanders.

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