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Muncie CD10 PTO. Power Take Off.The Muncie is a constant drive (non-shiftable) PTO designed for use on the Allison and Caterpillar automatic transmissions.

The CD-10 provides a functional alternative to front, crank shaft driven, hydraulic pump applications. A choice of popular S.A.E. and DIN direct mount pump options and torque ratings of up 400 lb.ft. provide power and versatility for the most demanding applications.

Refuse Vehicles
Specialty Trucks
Street Sweepers
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Weight: 39 lbs.
Housing Construction: Ductile Iron.
Available Speed Ratios: 5.
Maximum Torque: 400 lb. ft.
Output Shaft Options: 12.
Pressure Lube Hose.
Extended Output Shaft Options Available.

With up to 400 lb. ft. torque capacity and 76 H.P. @1000 RPM  There is plenty of power to drive high volume pumps.

With three standard output shafts in both keyed and flange types it has maximum versatility for remote pump drives.

With S.A.E. "A" "B" "BB" and "C" DIN 5462 direct mount pump options it will fit most popular pumps.

Multi-position direct mount flanges will allow the pump to be positioned for maximum clearance.
Designed to work with Muncie's PTO Shaft Extensions on Allison 3000 and 4000 series transmissions and plenty of Clearance for large volume and variable displacement pumps.

With four assembly arrangements that allow the PTO to be mounted shaft high or low on either side of the transmission.

The CD10 Series constant mesh PTO is designed for use on the Allison and Caterpillar automatic transmissions and provides a functional alternative to crank shaft driven hydraulic pump applications and are engineered for the Allison World Transmissions, with a range of speed ratios available and torque ratings which approach those of the 8 bolt PTOs.

The standard 1-1/4" round and 1410 Series remote drives are also available. The CD10 is rated from 310 to 400 lb.ft. Direct mount flanges on all series can be rotated 360 degrees, with multiple mounting locations for easier pump mounting. Clutch Shift PTOs have integral shift solenoids and are provided with complete activation and mounting kits. The CS Series is the only PTO with a patented internal drag brake to eliminate unwanted shaft rotation.

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The CD10 Series constant drive PTO provides ample capacity for heavy duty applications without obstructing service areas of the truck engine and cooling system.  The CD10 is rated from 225 to 400 lb. ft. with speeds to 2500 RPM and available with 10 output shaft options including fully rotatable hydraulic pump adapters. 

The CD10 Series PTO is available with 7 speed ratios which makes it easy to select the correct PTO for your application.
The CD10 constantly engaged PTO with 5 speed rations and 4 output shaft configurations.

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